Download Numerical Gecko

Download files from

Installation & Activation

1. Unzip the downloaded file to ..\eclipse\.

2. To activate, restart Eclipse. Go to Window -> Show View -> Other...
Choose the Numerical Gecko folder, and the Numerical Gecko view. The view will be opened.


- To change the interface language, go to Window -> Preferences -> Numerical Gecko. Reopen the view for the change to take effect.

- To convert text from the editor, select it, right click and choose "convert using Numerical Gecko". After converting, click the "paste into editor" button to, hmm, paste the converted text into the editor.


- Was tested under Eclipse 3.0 (official release and some pre-official releases).

- Was tested under Windows 2000, Windows XP and RedHat Linux.

User's Guide

For more information, please consult the user's guide.