Numerical Gecko Userís Guide


Numerical Gecko is an Eclipse Plugin based on the popular Java tool Numerical Chameleon. Its purpose is to help Java developers increase their productivity when using the Eclipse IDE, by providing them with an efficient, easy to use conversion utility.

The plugin supports bi-directional conversions of many units in many different fields, and can seamlessly integrate the results into the Eclipse environment.

The tool is very user-friendly and intuitive to use and install, therefore the userís guide is quite short.

Downloading and Installing

Changing GUI Language

To configure a different language for the pluginís user interface, go to Window -> Preferences and choose Numerical Gecko:

Select the desired language and click OK. You will have to reopen the plugin for the change to take effect.

Choosing a different skin

Configuring a different skin for the pluginís user interface is also done via the Preferences dialog (reopening of the plugin is required). Currently two skins are available: Classic (default) and Thin (an economical view):

Note: these settings are saved as preferences and will be used each time you reopen the plugin.

Using The Plugin

Most conversions are simply done by typing the text to convert in the Source field. Conversion is done simultaneously:

Other possible options are: increasing or decreasing the source value by 1, cut, copy & paste of source value, copying the target value, sending the target value to the active editor, setting the significant figures of the target and seeing the results in a scientific form (the SCI checkbox). These options are available as the buttons below the source and target fields in the Classic skin.

It is also possible to switch between source and target values by clicking the switch button.

Special Conversions

When choosing the Color category, the wanted color can be chosen by a color picker:

When choosing the Calendar (date) category, the wanted date can be chosen by a date picker:

When choosing the Translation category, conversion isnít done while typing the text to translate. Click the translation button to translate:

When choosing the Spoken Numbers category, click the sound button to play the text:

Using NG Effectively

To quickly convert a text from the active editor, select it, right click and choose ďConvert using Numerical GeckoĒ:

Then click the ďpaste into editorĒ button:

More Information

if you have any other questions, you're welcome to contact us.