Linux Workshop 2004b: NumericalGecko Eclipse Plug-in


The project will implement an existing Java application as an Eclipse IDE plug-in. The Java application is NumericalChameleon (NC), an open source project (GPL):

NC at SourceForge

NC homepage

NC is a powerful mathematical converter that converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures. Its latest released version (1.5.1) supports more than 2300 units in 78 categories, including physics units, radixes, roman numerals, exchange rates, international dial codes, spoken numbers, Unicode, etc. NC has been hosted under SourceForge for more than two years, and has gained support and appreciation from the users and developers alike.

The Need

The project outcome will be an Eclipse plug-in, using the core of NC. As mentioned above, NC supports conversion of many units in diverse fields: computers, math, chemistry, physics and more. It is our belief that the target audience of the plug-in is any individual who develops an application relating to any of these fields using the Eclipse IDE (be it in Java, C++, or any of the other languages supported by Eclipse).

This individual may be, for example:

To summarize, the plug-in will offer any Eclipse developer the convenience and ease of use of a built-in converter, supporting virtually any kind of conversion.

Existing alternatives

There are no converter plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE. Developers use stand-alone applications (Java or others, such as NC), which are separate from the IDE. Naturally, these applications do not offer any integration with the IDE (such as copy & paste, refactoring, etc.). In addition, Eclipse plug-ins are open and extensible via their Extension Points API (unlike "traditional" applications), thus enabling developers to add their own conversion units, if necessary.

Project features